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I started composing in my teens. Growing up I listened to everything from Bach's  Goldberg Variations to The Beatles to the Blues. My Dad came from Kentucky and my Mom from Maine and we lived in New Jersey. With such disparate influences as jazz, rock, blues, Irish, classical, bluegrass, funk, and salsa I never thought much about different  genres - it's all just music to me. 

Below are some examples of my music. 

A latin jazz tune that I recorded a few years ago. I played all the guitars, keys and bass. It has been used comercially.

This is a recording of my tune by the band "Outlet" in which I played guitar. We played NYC area clubs for years.

This is a recent recording of a song I wrote quite a few years ago. It was originally recorded by the David Chesky Band and appeared on the "Rush Hour" album on Columbia Records.

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